Thanks for visiting our demo!

We have set up a few basic users and companies for this demo. The owner company is named My Company and consists of a project manager and an employee. There are also five client companies with one project per client. The login credentials for each user are listed below.


My Company Project Manager pm1


My Company Employee employee jforce
Briard and Sons Client gbriard jforce
Jackman & Associates Client rjackman jforce
Metric Lessons Client afiorentino jforce
Philadelphia Garage Sales Client kzielinska jforce
Winning Over Client msalting jforce


Please note not all features are available to demo. However, If you would like to review pictures of the JForce administrator features, you may refer to our documentation. In addition, please note that the ability to create people, edit people, create companies, edit companies, assign users, upload documents and upload avatars has been removed from our demo. Thank you for understanding!

Note: The current version of JForce on this demo server is 3.0.2 development version (May 21, 2016)